Solange Knowles tired of talking about hair

    Solange Knowles said that she’s not the national spokeswoman for natural hair.

    Solange has become something of a style icon over the last few years as she’s rocked some of the fiercest fashions around. But more than that, people look to Solange to represent women who wear their hair naturally.

    From braids to close crops and even a halo of curls, Solange has twisted her tresses into a number of natural dos, prompting many natural beauties to see her as the patron celeb.

    Well those fans are in a for a wakeup call. Over the weekend the singer decided that she’s tired of talking about her mane.

    “Look, all i’m saying is. My hair is not very important to me….so i don’t encourage it to be important to you," Solange tweeted. "Im very emotional today (involving something else) , so i’m letting the momentum of that help me to express the fact that…I dont want to talk about no damn hair… mo.”

    In other Solange Knowles news, the fashionista rocked her biggest afro for a new spread in Glamour France.  The artist explained that she draws on a lot of different inspirations when it comes to her style, making it hard to pin down.

    "[My style is] very eclectic as I like to take risks, but I always cling to glamorous touches and classic details. I’m not necessarily inspired by magazines or fashion. I surf a lot on blogs and find it cool to see real style from real people," Solange said, revealing that anything can give her an idea for a fierce ensemble. "I always take lots of pictures, and then inject all those inspirations into my wardrobe, my home decor, or my makeup. And we can’t forget the icons: Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Bjork, and Lauryn Hill."

    Solange said that in the Knowles family everyone has their own look. "We love fashion," she shared, adding that it’s just in her blood. "It must be said that we grew up with a grandmother who was a designer and my mother, who has her own collection."

    Fashion is more than clothes, so Solange said there are some constants in her arsenal. "I always wear mascara, and above all, I put on a flashy, matte lipstick," she revealed. "My favorite color is Firecracker Orange Fire by Rimmel."

    Still, Solange hasn’t neglected her first love, music, and she’s getting ready to share her newest project with the world.  "I just finished my new album. It took me two years to write and compose it. It’s a new chapter in my life," she announced. "I’m super excited!"

    See what kind of fashion risks she’s taking in the slideshow below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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