Tanisha makes no excuses for ‘Bad Girls’

    A lot of reality TV stars blame show producers for instigating drama between cast members, but Tanisha Thomas of “Bad Girls Club” fame admits she and her fellow bad girls don’t need help in that area.

    “No one needs to egg on the Bad Girls for drama. They’re just gonna make it up themselves, you know? And honey, that they did,” Tanisha recently told Sister 2 Sister.

    While they’re not encouraging women to fight, Tanisha did question why the show’s no-violence policy seems to have been lifted.

    “A lot has changed since I’ve done ‘Bad Girls Club.’ On my season, you hit someone, you went home and that was the end of that. I don’t know what’s happened in seasons after mine, but I know that there is security and I believe that there are medics, if needed,” she said.

    Fans of the show might wonder whether the women are cast with conflict in mind, but Tanisha assures that no one is purposely choosing cast members who dislike one another or will be violent toward other housemates.

    “They don’t intentionally cast people to kill each other; that’s not the point of the show. Honestly, they don’t know what’s gonna happen. They cast all these different personalities from all different walks of life, and of course they’re going to get into it, but the ultimate goal is to change, to learn from each other, to learn about yourself, to come out a better person,” she said.

    However, it’s anything but a smooth ride.

    “Of course, there’s a couple of yells and scratches and tantrums and beer bottle fights along the way,” she said.

    Tanisha talks about her beef with Natalie Nunn and her romance with hubby Clive Muir. Read the full interview in the July 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.




    —Tracy L. Scott
    with reporting by Stephanie Dayton



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