Tocarra Hamilton adds voice to ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’

    Lil Scrappy is showing Atlanta singer Tocarra Hamilton some love by having her back him up on "No Love."

    You might not recognize her name, but  ou’re about hear Tocarra’s voice every week on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" as their new track has become the theme song for the show. The pair recorded their track earlier this year, but she told us that she had no idea how one studio session with the rapper would go.

    "I had no expectations for it. I was just working," Tocarra candidly told S2S of "No Love."

    Tocarra’s known Scrappy, who will star on the VH1 this season, for a while. They first met years ago and things have always been good between them. When they bumped into each other again recently, Lil Scrappy and Tocarra wound up going to work.

    "I actually got in the studio with Lil’ Scrappy and we were just vibing," Tocarra explained. "I wrote the hook and then he came in and did his part. A little while later, I found out that he was going to use it for his single. Then they got it placed for the theme song to ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’"

    The singer, who has also appeared on Usher’s "Daddy’s Home," knows that she may not have made her way onto Scrappy’s song if she hadn’t kept the lines of communication open. In Atlanta, just like everywhere else, it turns out that who you know is key to getting your big breaks.

    "That’s basically how it works. They’re working on things and you’re an up-and-coming artist and then you bump back into them,"  Tocarra said. "Depending on how well the relationship is maybe they’re willing to work you. Or you could just get the opportunity to work with them."

    Take a look at Tocarra and Lil Scrappy in action on the set of "No Love!"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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