Evelyn Lozada wrote Jennifer Williams after reunion

    Evelyn Lozada is taking her relationship with Jennifer Williams one day at a time.

    When the ex-BFFs hugged and made up on the season 5 reunion of "Basketball Wives," many wondered if it was real. Evelyn and Jennifer had been at each other’s throats all season, and both swore their friendship could not be repaired. 

    But when the two came together for a teary embrace, it looked like the wall between them was beginning to crumble.

    Evelyn revealed that she and Jen have exchanged pleasantries since the reunion was taped weeks ago. Most of all, Ev wanted her friend to know that everything she said was straight from the heart.

    "I sent her an email just letting her know that I meant what I said on the reunion. I didn’t want her to think that it was just a reunion stunt," Evelyn told VH1 after part of the reunion aired. "She responded. She wished me happy Mother’s Day, and we said we would talk, and that was the last of it because I’ve been all over the place. We haven’t spoken since then."

    So will the pair be meeting up for a shopping trip or drinks any time soon? That remains to be seen. "I’m just taking things one day at a time," Evelyn said. "It’s still a sticky situation with everything else that’s going on, so I’m just not doing anything."

    Either way, Evelyn is just happy not to be fighting someone who meant so much to her anymore. When asked if she anticipated the reunion wrapping up on a good note for them, she admitted that she was surprised.

    "Yeah, I was. I didn’t think that that was what would happen, but I’m also glad and relieved and it was a load off," Evelyn said. "And it also shows that we can be grown adults and women and move past it. We can fight, argue, whatever, and then bury the hatchet."

    On "Big Morning Buzz," however, she said that she’s not sure if she and Jen will ever be as close as they once were. "I don’t know if it will ever be the same because so much has happened," she stated. "We could definitely co-exist."

    Now that "Basketball Wives" is done for another season, Evelyn is shifting her focus to her spin-off with fiance Chad Ochocinco, "Ev and Ocho." The new show will follow the pair as they plan the wedding, but there may be a shade of NFL drama when the series makes it to air.

    Last week, it was announced that Chad was cut from the New England Patriots, and it didn’t take long for Ev to state that she was okay being "the breadwinner" for a while.

    Well, she didn’t hold onto that title for very long as it was just reported yesterday that Chad has actually been signed to the Miami Dolphins (how convenient!). He was picked up by the Florida team just a day after being dropped by the Pats.

    After Shaunie O’Neal’s comments about cutting three people from "Basketball Wives," Evelyn might not be back for another season. Find out why any one of the ladies from the cast is at risk for ejection below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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