Father kills 4-year-old’s attacker

    A Texas father has beaten a man to death after finding the victim sexually assaulting his 4-year-old daughter.

    The Houston Chronicle reports that the man—whose name has not been given to protect the identity of his daughter—was at a barn in Lavaca County, Texas with his daughter to help groom and care for the horses.

    There was a group of other people there as well, though it is uncertain as of right now how well the two knew the others.

    The father reportedly ran into the barn when he heard screams coming from his daughter.

    When he entered the barn, he saw a man sexually assaulting his daughter. After pulling the man off of his daughter, the enraged father allegedly hit the victim over the head multiple times.

    The victim’s name will not be released until his next-of-kin is notified of his death.

    A grand jury will decide if any charges will be filed and if so, what those charges will be, but as of now no arrests have been made.

    The girl has been taken to a hospital in Victoria, where they ran tests to try to determine what kind, if any, of sexual assault occurred.



    Watch a news report about the incident below.

    —Jacob Rohn


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