‘Awkward Black Girl’ makes season 2 debut

    "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" is back, and it’s just as good as we remember!

    It’s been nearly five months to the day since the season 1 finale, which had just over 413,170 views as of today, hit YouTube. But, in the world of "ABG," it’s only been about three weeks, and a lot has changed.

    Like: J and White Jay are officially a couple! And we loved CeCe’s idea of revenge on Nina ("We should scratch her scalp and put a perm in it!")

    Unlike: The whole dynamic at Gut Busters has been shifted since Boss Lady left Jesus in charge, and two of J’s former flings (Fred and A) are homies now! Did we mention J’s stuck working with Nina, and CeCe has been cut back to part-time! Did we also mention the strict black-and-gray dress code for the office? No bueno.

    If things in J’s life weren’t awkward enough to begin with, they just got awkwarder (we know that’s not a word!).

    In terms of production, there’s been one big change: "ABG" has moved to Pharrell’s YouTube channel, iamOTHER. There are also a few new characters, like the out-and-proud receptionist. Still, creator Issa Rae has managed to retain everything that hooked viewers last season: relateable situations and guffaw-inducing one-liners mixed with just the right amount of drama.

    And if the numbers are any indication, audiences are eating it up!  "ABG" returned Thursday night and in less than a day, the season 2 premiere had nearly 49,000 views as of press time.

    As much as viewers may have loved this "ABG" season premiere, they’ve got to wait until July 12 for the next hit. In the meantime, check out our Top 9 web series to watch, below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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