Eric Benet advises dads to ‘engage’

    Singer Eric Benet isn’t a new father, but he explained that things are a little different now that he’s on daddy duty a second time.

    “Maturity and wisdom brings a lot of peace and happiness, actually,” Eric recently told Sister 2 Sister. “When India was born, I was very much a kid and trepidation, but now there’s none of that. It’s just all love and joyous anticipation for the next day. It’s wonderful the second time around.”

    Eric’s daughter India is 21, but his infant daughter, Lucia Bella, with new wife Manuela Testolini, is just 6 months old.

    The singer said he’s pretty easy to please when it comes to Father’s Day; he just wants to spend time with his girls.

    “Anytime I get to spend with my children is like Father’s Day for me. It’s just nothing but gratitude and love and appreciation for this blessing and gift. If we’re just sitting up in the crib, it’ll be the best Father’s Day ever,” he said.

    Eric, who is currently touring the nation promoting his new album, The One, might not get to spend as much time with his daughters as he’d like, but he makes every moment count.

    “Engage. Listen and just be there as much as you can,” he said, offering advice to other busy dads.

    “I know you can’t be there as much as you might want to, but whenever you are there, be present and just engage and interact because whatever amount of time you spend with your child is just so important developmentally for them and emotionally for them. So, just really engage with your children when you’re blessed enough to have the time to do that,” he said.

    Eric talks to Jamie Foster Brown about women. What’s he like? Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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