Nia Crooks suing Jennifer Williams?

    Nia Crooks is charging that it was Jennifer Williams’ quip response to her literal question that led to the televised assault of the veteran “Basketball Wives” star.

    On season 4 of the controversial reality show, Nia confronted former friend Jennifer about their strained relationship. After Nia questioned whether Jennifer needed a slap to wake up, Jennifer responded, “I wish you would.”

    That’s when Nia walked around the long table to do just that. After striking her, the two women were restrained by show producers and security.

    Now, Nia’s attorney, Javier Solano, has filed court documents charging that the slap was “caused in whole or in part by the culpable conduct, carelessness, contributory negligence or assumption of risk” on Jennifer’s part, according to TMZ.

    In other words, had Jennifer responded differently, Nia wouldn’t have felt free to strike her, and since Jennifer “invited” the slap, she should take some responsibility for it.

    Nia is also asking the judge to dismiss Jennifer’s lawsuit, which she filed shortly after the episode aired. Jennifer’s suit claims she’s suffered a neck injury and mental anguish as a result of the on-air slap.

    While her “Basketball Wives” co-stars, mainly Shaunie O’Neal, attempted to talk Jennifer out of suing Nia during part 2 of the show’s reunion, Jennifer asserted that she fully planned to go through with the lawsuit.

    “It was wrong on all accounts. We take it very serious, but I wouldn’t want to see any of y’all go to jail over a mistake,” Shaunie said on the show.

    While Shaunie and Jennifer alluded to an apology that Nia supposedly made or wanted to make, Jennifer said it’s too little too late.

    “It’s been four months,” Jennifer said about Nia’s apology. “Now because it’s a criminal situation, now you want to apologize? It’s not genuine.”

    Nia’s slap drew lots of criticism. Find out what Nicki Minaj, NeNe Leakes and other celebs are saying about "BBW."

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Is Jennifer at fault at all for replying, "I wish you would," when Nia threatened to slap her? Leave your comments below.


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