Oprah gives surprise interview

    Oprah gave a surprise interview to one very lucky radio host, prompted by a tweet!

    People link up on Twitter all the time, but this takes the cake. Oprah gave one very lucky online radio host the shock of his life when she randomly called in to chat it up with him.

    O went way beyond a retweet when she discovered that KempireRadio.com asked its listeners, "Question Of The Night: How do you feel about @Oprah interviewing the Kardashians."

    Not only did Oprah reply with, ‘I feel great about it. Watching u now. Glad to see people have so many opinions," but she then called the show to elaborate on her answer.

    Some viewers questioned why Oprah would want to talk to any of the Kardashians because many feel the reality stars are just not on her level. That didn’t matter to the media mogul, who said people shouldn’t be surprised about the interview considering how many others she’s chatted it up with over the years.

    "I would have to say, I am just fascinated by everyone’s opinions of whether or not I should have interviewed them," Oprah said. "I just want to say to everybody, ‘That is what I do. I talks to people for a living!’"

    Whatever everyone else might think of the Kardashians, Oprah swore that she held no prejudice toward the family as she had never seen any of their numerous shows before deciding that she wanted to talk to them. In fact, Oprah said she had to go through a Kardashian crash course to get some background on the E! reality stars.

    "I went in with an open mind, the way that I approach any interview. They were as gracious as I could imagine," Oprah told Kempire Radio, adding that she was really astounded at the Kardashian clan’s whole work ethic. "I was there for eight hours, and when I left, they were changing clothes to continue working until midnight. So whatever people think about it, that is a lot of work. It takes a lot of work and a lot of discipline to show up at 5 o’clock every morning and work until midnight."

    Some have pegged the interview as Oprah’s attempt to snag more ratings for her struggling OWN network. Although ratings haven’t been particularly impressive, Oprah said she is not terribly concerned because her network is still in the learning phase.

    "I’m in the climb and anyone who’s ever started a business–whether it’s a cupcake company, or whether you tried to make sweet potato pies–you have to figure out how many and what the audience really likes and what the customers really like and that’s all a part of it," she reasoned.

    She also pointed out that things didn’t exactly start off smoothly for her legendary talk show, which she ended in 2011. 

    "For 25 years, I did ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ I loved it every day and nobody remembers that climb. No one remembers that one," Oprah explained. "But I really am fine and I love that I have the opportunity. How many people in the world, in particularly, little Black girls born in Mississippi at the time that I was, will ever have an opportunity to say, ‘I have my own network’?"




    —Sonya Eskridge




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