‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.19.12

    We were glued to the set for the series premiere of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta!"

    So ratchet, but so much fun to watch.

    Mona Scott-Young has done it again! This show has a cast of characters that kept us thoroughly, incredulously entertained. As much as we enjoyed watching "LHHA," we’re a bit confused by the show. Do women in Atlanta still believe there’s a man shortage?!

    The whole thing with Mimi and Stevie J just seems like a rehash of the Emily B/Fab relationship drama. She wants him to be a family man, but he’s having way too much fun as a baller in the music industry.

    Most women might see a man gifting them with a house as a extravagant gesture of love. Mimi, on the other hand, saw all the strings attached to Stevie’s present and broke everything down.

    Mimi really wants to be somewhere where Stevie can call home and return to every night (pretty much so she can keep an eye on him). But if she’s way out in the suburbs, it’s a lot easier for Stevie to stay in the city overnight so he can presumably get right back to work. Mimi doesn’t really trust that he’s working nearly as hard as he would like her to believe.

    After 15 years and a baby, you’d think he’d be ready to settle down; but no, unfortunately for Mimi, Stevie doesn’t really want to be home every night—and he basically told her that within the the first 10 minutes of the show. And why should he settle down when he’s getting everything he wants from Mimi even when he’s messing around with other women (remember, he has dated Eve within the last 15 years)?

    Stevie’s most recent alleged jump-off is his new artist Joseline, who he literally found in a strip club! Every cast must have a hot mess, and Joseline fits the bill perfectly. From the things that come out of her mouth to her perplexing sense of style (was she seriously rocking a head scarf, shorts and a fur to the club?!), Joseline was too much!

    For Joseline, Stevie is the perfect man and she takes every opportunity to play the role of his woman. That gets them into a little trouble, though, when they meet up with Trinidadian singer Karlie Redd. At first glance, the scene looks more like a double date than a business meeting.

    Karlie brought her boo Antonio Reid (L.A. Reid’s son) along for the business lunch, so we expected them to be a little cozy. Joseline on the other hand was calling Stevie "Daddy" and being very affectionate with someone who is only supposed to be her manager.

    Hmmm…we’ll have to get back to that in a minute, so we can introduce you to Lil Scrappy, Erica and Mama Dee ("And in that order!"). Chances are you’re probably familiar with Lil Scrappy, but Erica is his babymama. They’ve been together for 10 years on and off. We say "on and off" because Scrappy had a very public relationship with Atlanta rapper Diamond for a while (the two were even engaged), but she broke things off and quickly moved on to Soulja Boy—and we all saw how long that lasted. 

    Once things ended with Diamond, Scrappy went running back to Erica. Since she loves her some Scrappy and they have daughter together, Erica took him back so that they can have a traditional family unit, but things are still a little off in their relationship.

    The rapper is expecting things to be good between them, but Erica needs a little more time to warm up to him again. After all, he did leave her for another woman and he only came back after Diamond dumped him. Still, Scrappy is tired of waiting around for Erica to be more affectionate with him again. He told his mom Mama Dee that he’s getting impatient.

    We can appreciate that his mother tried to explain that Erica didn’t grow up in the same type of family he did, so that might make things a little tougher. However, Mama Dee neglected to point out that his decisions have made it hard for Erica to trust him. Most women just can’t get close to a man that they’re not sure they can trust.

    Instead, Mama Dee decided to tell Erica that it’s time to lighten up on her son and give him a little sugar from time to time—and she did so in a very unique way.

    Then there’s singer K.Michelle, who has had a rough go of things in the last few years. She lost a record deal and the love of her life, who she claims beat her up in a fit of rage. That’s to say nothing of her charges that he bought himself some things (including expensive jewelry) with the money from the deal she’d signed.

    Although K didn’t name any names, it’s suspected that the man she’s talking about is actually Toya Wright’s hubby MeMpHiTz.

    So how do all these women come together to form one group? Why, at K.Michelle’s birthday, of course!

    K invited the ladies, including Mimi and her friend Ariane (who we looove, by the way), out for a fun-filled night at the club. Things quickly hit a sour note when Karlie started talking about Joseline and "her man" Stevie J. Mimi quickly had to correct her old friend, revealing that Stevie J is actually her boo and babydaddy, which seemed to shock Karlie. From what she saw, she assumed that Stevie and Joseline were a couple because they were acting awfully cozy.

    That’s about the time that Stevie came walking in with Joseline not far behind. Sensing that all hell was about to break loose, K.Michelle did the smart thing and got out of dodge. Then Mimi confronted Stevie about his relationship (working and/or otherwise) with Joseline.

    Drinks were thrown, lies were told and at the end of the night, Stevie rode off into the night with Joseline.

    Between Mimi and her near-saintly tolerance for Stevie J’s shenanigans and Erica taking Lil Scrappy back after Diamond dumped him, we have to say Atlanta is the home of the ride-or-die chick.

    —Sonya Eskridge


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