‘Single Ladies’ lessons: 6.19.12

    VH1 is dropping knowledge on "Single Ladies!" Find out what we learned from the show this week!

    Lesson 1: Look stunning when you know you’re going to see your ex

    No matter who decided to break things off, a girl must always look her best when running into an ex. You don’t want to give anyone a visual reminder of why things didn’t work out!

    Of course, like Keisha, sometimes you don’t know when someone from the past might be all up in your face. Keisha lucked out since she was at a black-tie event, but this is TV. That’s pretty much why you need to be on top of your game at all times. Even when you’re casual, it might be best to swipe on a some lip gloss and eyeliner.

    Just don’t try so hard to look good that you wind up owing somebody $15,000!

    BONUS:  If you run into your ex and his next while you look like an effortlessly natural beauty, you know the new girl is going to be shook!


    Lesson 2: Don’t judge a book by its cover

    April was bold enough to approach a stripper, and it got her a date with one of the hottest guys in the ATL.

    He’s cute and he seems like a nice guy, but the problem is that he’s a stripper. It’s not exactly a reputable line of work, but everyone else’s opinion could ruin a potentially good thing.

    Of course, it’s also good to listen to common sense. Don’t completely throw caution to the wind, but listen to your gut when taking a risk.


    Lesson 3: Your past is a thing!

    You might be someone completely different than you were a year ago. While you’re ready to leave the past behind so that you can be a better person in the future, others might not be so forgiving. You never know when someone might want to throw something you’ve done all up in your face.


    Lesson 4: Alone time can be good

    Friends can hook you up, but being in a group too long might be hurting your chances of meeting a cutie.

    You might not have a table at a glamorous event to retreat to during a typical girls’ night, but you can go grab your own drink at the bar when you get thirsty. Or if your friends are feeling a little tired and you still want to shake it, hit the dance floor by yourself.

    Don’t stand around like you’re waiting for the next bus (and its running late), but give a guy a chance to approach you one-on-one.


    Lesson 5: Loosen up!

    Sometimes good girls need to be a little naughty. We don’t suggest you run to the nearest strip club, but maybe doing something a little out of the ordinary (but still well within the legal limits) might be just the thing you need.

    Whether its wearing red lipstick for the first time or taking a pole dancing class, indulging your wild side ever now and again isn’t bad. Just don’t go too wild.


    —Sonya Eskridge





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