Will reality TV help K.Michelle’s career?

    It’s no secret that some celebs use reality shows to launch other ventures, and once K.Michelle grabs the attention of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” fans, she plans to keep them hooked.

    “One thing R.Kelly told me is that once you get the attention, you have to keep it with the talent,” the Pied Piper protégé told VibeVixen.com.

    “My main focus has been my music and it’s not gonna stop. I was signed to a record label, and I hardly got any promo. I can see today that more people are picking up old music like it’s new. I think it’s gonna help me and people get to know who I am and it’s up to me to make sure that the music sticks."

    While her New York counterparts, Olivia and Teairra Mari, hope to sign record deals, K.Michelle said she just got out of one, and isn’t eager to go back.

    “The point in my career now: do I even want a record deal? I fought out of a record deal, and I haven’t even been out of my deal for a year yet. Now, I’m trying to decide on how I want to put out music and is it time for me to put out music,” she said.

    Hopefully, starring on a reality series won’t be a distraction for K.Michelle, who didn’t hesitate to join the show’s cast.

    “I knew that I wanted to do the show from New York, because when I saw it, it was about the struggles of women and what they were going through,” she said.

    K.Michelle expects her storyline will revolve around her struggles as a single mom.

    “My role in the show is just kinda my story about being a single mother and singer who’s just going through the day-to-days of trying to get my career back on track and finding love again,” she explained, also admitting that she’s thought about how her actions will affect her son.

    “My biggest concern is not putting him on camera because I didn’t want people to see him. Me and my son have a great relationship,” she said. “I don’t want to take away that privacy from him.”

    Although she’s shielding her son, K.Michelle has accepted the fact that she’ll get some negative press.

    “The media has to do whatever they have to do to get a story. They never really care how it affects you or your family or your life. At this point, they’re gonna say something about me, but the only thing I really care about is being happy with myself,” she said. “K needs to be happy with K.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


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