Joseline Hernandez blasts haters on Twitter

Joseline Hernandez doesn’t see anything wrong with sharing a man if that’s what it takes to keep Stevie J around.

Nude pics weren’t the only thing Joseline was tweeting last night.

People had a lot to say about Joseline’s love triangle with Stevie and Mimi Faust, so the stripper-turned-reality TV star hit up Twitter to respond to all of her detractors en mass.

"I am @hitmansteviej girl and Mimi is the baby moms and girl too. Was wrong with that?" she asked Tuesday.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to her because she plans on hanging onto Stevie for the rest of her natural life, even if she gets hitched to someone else. She did say she and Stevie are a "forever thing" on Monday’s premiere.

"I’m Gona F*ck @hitmansteviej til i die even when i get married!!!" she tweeted, "if i dont marry him f*ck yall. we are in business n i wan the beef cake."

And she had a little something to say about Mimi Faust’s friend, Ariane, too. While Ariane seems to be the voice of reason telling Mimi to move on, Joseline charges that she’s not as good of a friend as she seems.

"Ariane is not Mims friend" Joseline accused, "she wants to suck Stevie’s d*ck too I’ve heard her on the phone lol she’s so fake!! Friends lmao trick hoe."



—Sonya Eskridge




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