Nicki Minaj gets in on the healthcare debate

    Nicki Minaj aired out her frustrations via Twitter about the health care crisis and its affects on the late comedian and “Moesha” star Yvette Wilson.

    “What’s sad is that when Yvette was bringing home the bacon, the gov’t was probably taking millions. On her deathbed though, #NoWhereToBeFound,” Nicki tweeted.

    Nicki even directed her tweets to President Obama. “That should be a God given right! Even with Obama Care, too much involved. Just give FREE health care to all. @barackobama What can we do?” she tweeted. “@BarackObama I wouldn’t mind the millions they took if it was going to healthcare. Why should a poor person struggle to pay for MEDS sir?”

    She added, “@BarackObama I don’t understand why people have to worry about their ‘medical bills’ while they’re on their DEATH BEDS Mr. President.”

    Although the president didn’t respond, Questlove of the Roots reached out, encouraging Nicki to get involved and use her powerful Internet presence to begin a discussion about fair health care coverage.

    “@NICKIMINAJ I personally know that the white house administration would LOVE for you to use ur tweet power to raise health care awareness,” he said. “@NICKIMINAJ seriously dm me, they need that energy you convey’d last night about Yvette Wilson’s health crisis! you can help!”

    Yvette’s friend Jeffery Pittle set up a donation website to raise funds that were to be used to cover her travel and medical costs. At the time of her death, Yvette raised almost 30 percent of her $50,000 goal.

    “She was a fighter to the end, and her talent, humor and amazing friendship will be sorely missed,” Jeffrey wrote in a statement on the website. “She will love on through her awesome body of work.”



    —Malaika Nicholas




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