George Zimmerman reenacts Trayvon Martin shooting

    Video of infamous neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman reenacting how he shot and ultimately killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin has been released.

    The footage, which was shot a day after the incident, shows a bandaged George describing the alleged struggle that occurred between him and Trayvon that night to police.

    During the scuffle, George claims that Trayvon saw his gun and tried to reach for it, saying, “You’re going to die tonight.”

    However, George is humming a different tune in the video despite what we have heard on his 911 call. He tells police that the fight began after Trayvon approached him. That would be fine if George wasn’t heard on tape following Trayvon even though the police told him to stand down.



    See pictures of Trayvon and his supporters in the slideshow below!


    —Camille Moore




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