Kandi Burruss talks sex on ‘Bethenny’

    Kandi Burruss brought her line of toys, Bedroom Kandi, to daytime TV to educate people about sex in the Black community.

    With her online show "Kandi Koated Nights" and Bedroom Kandi, the Atlanta housewife has become the go-to girl for Black people when it comes to sex advice. As she told Bethenny Frankel it’s kind of just a position that she fell into.

    "The crazy thing is I didn’t try to make it a race issue. I think because I’m Black, obviously, I had alot of people come up to me and say, ‘Did you realize you’re the face of Black women being more liberated and talking about sex’? And I didn’t realize that until now."

    It’s a naughty job but someone’s got to do it. If she wasn’t going to talk about what goes on in the bedroom, who would? "In our community, that Black community, it is very hush hush to talk about sex. Everything is hush hush, like you can’t talk about that," said Kandi.

    Adult toys are a particularly touchy subject for Black men, who can get get a little offended when women whip out a helper, according to Kandi.

    "Black men a lot of times are not down with that at all because it’s this whole thing of ‘Black men are supposed to be swinging,’ which a lot of them are not!" said Kandi. "But they feel like ‘You don’t need that; I’m handling things around here.’"

    She added, "A lot of times men are pretty much guaranteed to get the ‘AHHH’ moment. We don’t always get the ‘AHHH’ moment every single time. So if we don’t get that every single time, why can’t we get a little bit of extra…?"

    Never one to discriminate, Kandi shared that she’s actually working on a toy for the guys. And she didn’t come empty handed because Kandy sent the entire audience home with toys!



    Check out some more pics of Kandi below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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