Is Lil’ Scrappy acting on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’?

    Has Lil Scrappy copped to accusations that the cast of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" is playing things up for the cameras?

    At this point, "Love & Hip Hop: Altanta" can best be described as a reality soap opera.

    After watching the season premiere of "LHHA" on Monday, many people couldn’t believe that what they saw on screen is really how people live (especially in the case of Mimi Faust, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez). There was even speculation as to whether or not the show is actually scripted.

    Well, when Scrappy talked to, he confirmed that what viewers are seeing is real life, but admitted that things were definitely exaggerated for TV.

    “It’s kind of weird with the camera on you like that, and it’s not a video, it’s acting," he said. "You can’t be yourself; you have to be a whole other person that you’re not.

    On the topic of the series love triangle, K.Michelle told radio personality TT Torrez that she can verify that whatever you see go down between Mimi, Stevie and Joseline is 100 percent real.

    "That’s a real story. No joke, that’s really their story," K.Michelle said.

    "I’ve been watching this since February," said the singer. "This is really what they’re going through. My heart goes out to Mimi. I’ve seen her hurt; I’ve seen her watch the first episode and be in shock."

    When does K think Mimi will finally get fed up? Find out!

    And K got real as she had a few choice words for Tamar Braxton. The youngest Braxton sister was reportedly talking slick on Twitter about K’s accusation that MeMpHiTz beat her up while they were dating. While the shade-laden posts quickly came down, K gave radio personality TT Torrez the goods on how she found out about the tweets.

    "She was on Twitter last night [and] she deleted the tweets because she knows she doesn’t want it with [me]. She better stay over there with ‘Family Values,’" said the "LHHA" star. "She deleted the tweets because people were tweeting me what she said. She was saying to Toya [Wright], ‘Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairy tale’ and all I tweeted was that ‘I like Toni anyway,’ because I do."

    While K.Michelle is not one to start a fight, she has no problem finishing one.

    "You know me; I don’t mess with anybody until they mess with me and I don’t play them little games," she said. "I’m from Memphis, we jump gates! We don’t play in them little games. So until the muppet gets it together she needs to stay away from me."


    Did Stevie J say he loves Joseline?  Find out when you flip through Daily Buzz below! 


    —Sonya Eskridge




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