Mimi explains relationship with Stevie J

    Mimi Faust is not making excuses for Stevie J. And is "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" already being boycotted?!

    People have been scratching their heads and asking "WTF?!" about Mimi’s love triangle with Stevie and Joseline for days. Mimi said she and Stevie have been together for 15 years, but everybody knows that he’s had a couple of high-profile relationships during that time period, including a romance with Eve.

    Thankfully Mimi cleared a few things up during a recent chat with TheJasmineBrand.com. “We have known each other for 15 years, we have had a born-again-off-again relationship and I really wanted to clear that up," she said. "When Stevie was in other relationships, we absolutely were not together.”

    She added, "When he was dealing with Alex [Martin, Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter] we were not together. When he was in any other relationship, we were not together.”

    Going into filming for "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Mimi thought she was the only one that Stevie was seeing. Still it’s clear that she only trusts him as far as she can see him. As soon as he left her side, audiences were introduced to Joseline, whom Mimi didn’t meet until K.Michelle’s birthday party. She did hear about her before their first encounter, though.

    “The first time I knew she existed was about two weeks before we started the show. It was all brand new to me; this was the first time I found out about her, her name, and all of that. I was living through it as we were taping," Mimi said.


    "I had no idea who Joseline was, I had no idea she was his artist, I had no idea they were even working together," Mimi added. "What everybody else was seeing, I wasn’t privy to. All I knew is he was going to work, and I’m at home with my daughter."

    Speaking of her daughter, Mimi is concerned about what her relationship with Stevie is teaching their child. "She will grow up to be a woman, and I don’t want to send the wrong message to her or I don’t want her to think that what he’s doing is right and that’s the way a man should treat a woman," she explained. "I’m absolutely concerned about this whole thing.”

    But to figure out what her daughter is going to see, Mimi needs to figure out where he relationship with Stevie even stands. That’s the first topic of conversation on next week’s show!


    In other "LHHA" news, after just one episode, someone has started a petition.

    Despite the fact that the show pulled in 3.6 million viewers for the premiere, some people are not cool with what’s in store for the rest of the season.

    "While we should respect the perceptions and experiences of the men and women featured on ‘reality’ television shows, networks are airing stories that could be very helpful for people to hear, but they’re telling these stories in EXTREMELY dangerous ways," the call to action reads.

    The petition on Change.org also labels "LHHA" as "digital crack," and the organizer is urging potential viewers to hit VH1 in the pocket.

    "Let’s tell VH1 and their sponsors (again) why people from a broad range of backgrounds will NOT stand for the exploitation of the lived experiences of people who may not even know they’re being exploited," the organizer wrote. "This isn’t a ‘Black or White’ thing, this is a HUMAN thing…and we should all understand."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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