Q Parker reveals softer side with ‘The MANual’


Q Parker of the R&B group 112 is officially striking out on his own with a solo album that will let fans get intimate with man behind the mic.

    Admittedly, Q is just as smooth in person as he is onstage, but it could just be that he knows how to speak to women. He’s hoping that talent shines through when women listen to his next album, The MANual.

    "I want to be the voice of women from a male’s perspective, when it comes to a male artist," Q told S2S. "One of the keys—especially coming from a group—was I wanted people to know who Q Parker was. Not Q from 112, Q Parker the man."

    But Q’s not just speaking to the ladies: He’s got a little advice for the men on how to be more open and honest. The singer said that dudes should show a softer side of themselves to their women. 

    "For men, I would say just don’t be so tough all the time," Q told us, referencing a track titled "Hold Me" that lets women know that men need to be comforted, too.

    "It basically is just saying that, men, we can’t be afraid to show our vulnerability. Like, the record talks about, ‘I had a hard day at work,’ and the pressures of just being man. And ‘Tonight, I don’t want nothing else, but I just want you to hold me.’"

    Q said that a man may not always have sex in mind, but ladies shouldn’t be surprised if a little comfort leads to steamier things. "Don’t get me wrong, we’re very sexual beings, and if you get to touching on us right it’s time to get the party started," he said. "But sometimes, I just want to be held. I just want to cuddle."

    See what else Q has to say about the workings of a man’s mind when The MANual drops this October.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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