Lil Scrappy’s never going back to Diamond

    Lil Scrappy is explaining why Erica Dixon never has to worry about him getting back with Diamond.

    The rapper, who made his reality TV debut last week, has a lot more to promote than just being on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." For example, his new album The Grustle drops tomorrow. But when he dropped by Power 105.1 to chat it up on "The Breakfast Club," the crew seemed way more interested in the drama on the show.

    Specifically, they wanted to know what really went down during the breakup with Diamond. Scrappy revealed that he found out she was messing with Soulja Boy via Twitter—the same way everyone else heard the news. The breakup hurt Scrappy, who is now back with his babymama Erica.

    Host Angela Yee did ask the million-dollar question: Should Erica worry that he may dump her for Diamond if the opportunity presented itself? "She know that ain’t gonna happen. I have no reason in the world [to go back to Diamond]," Scrappy assured. "Like, God has blessed me. Why in the world would I walk back to my misery?"

    In Scrappy’s opinion, Diamond really embarassed him by letting news of her romance with Soulja Boy hit the Web before she ever told him what was going on. Now that he’s back with Erica, though, he really wants her to be more affectionate with him. "I think she tries…she tries to show it, but it’s always been like that. That’s the reason I stopped messing with her the first time," the rapper said.

    "She has her times where she shows it," Scrappy added. "How I am…if I’m going to be with you, you gotta show me something. I need foot massages, back massages. You feel me?"

    And Scrappy is really only asking what he gives in return. When asked if he’s affectionate with Erica, he proclaimed, "Hell yeah! That’s the only reason why she wants me."  

    Scrappy also revealed that Mona Scott-Young definintely tried to get Diamond on the show, but she declined. While that may have kept some major fireworks from popping off on the show, Scrappy did get into a fight with Stevie J.

    Unlike other reality TV stars, Scrappy isn’t blaming producers for the drama on "LHHA." Instead, he sees the setup as chance to confront whatever issues he may have had with Stevie.

    Like many, Lil Scrappy outrightly questions whether or not his co-star Joseline Hernandez is actually a man. After so many jokes following the series premiere last Monday night, Joseline tweeted a naked picture of herself to prove that she’s a woman. Beyond that, she supposedly leaked a sex tape of herself.

    There’s word that it didn’t go over so well with Mona, and Joseline has been having some second thoughts about the way she’s handled herself since "LHHA" debuted last week.

    "@MonaScottYoung hey u, thank u 4 the opportunity u gave me. yesterday was what it was today im gona b the best i can be. I really <3 you," Joseline tweeted before sharing her gratitude for her fans. "Thank you guys that’s there for me and that’s really understanding of this situation. I love u guys."

    The stripper-turned-musical-artist vowed to do better going forward. "My past is my past the Future is so much clear!!" she said. "Thank you @MonaScottYoung u gave me a great shot at life I’m sorry for letting u down yesterday. I truly apologize.”

    Stevie J, on the other hand, doesn’t feel a bit bad for how his story line is playing out on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

    “It’s my lifestyle and I live it the way I live it. Everybody got something to say, but every man can honestly say they’ve been in this situation," he told V-103 of his love triangle with Joseline and his babymama Mimi Faust.

    And when it comes to letting Joseline get out of line with Mimi Faust, Stevie said Mimi should understand what the relationship really is.

    “I just want the ladies to understand a guy in this lifestyle a little bit more. I love Mimi. That’s my baby, and I would never let things get too crazy," Stevie said. "I let Mimi know that I’ll never be in love with her or be with her, but Joseline is my artist and we’re in this to get this paper and to show her how to get this paper. At the end of the day, we’re love and hip-hop.”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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