MeMpHiTz ‘restrained’ K.Michelle during hotel argument

    MeMpHiTz is telling his side of the story about what happened between him and K.Michelle.

    More than a week after K.Michelle shared her story of abuse on the series premiere of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," MeMpHiTz is talking about their relationship.

    When the music executive called up TT Torrez to set the record straight he wanted to make one thing clear from the outset.  "I’m not calling here to bash K.Michelle in no form or fashion. I don’t do that. I don’t argue with women," he said when he first dialed in  "I just don’t do it. It don’t seem manly to me. It ain’t how I was raised."

    With that out of the way, MeMpHiTz recounted how he first met K and found out about her talent. He knew he had some real talent on his hands when she sang for him on first meeting.  "I couldn’t believe it. I was blown away," he said. "It sounded like [God] just screamed in my face or something."

    Their professional relationship quickly became romantic after spending so much time together.  "I have to take blame. One on one time with this pretty girl, she do music and I do music and she was making me laugh," MeMpHiTz said. "It was innocent and it was cool. It was my fault too. I can’t say K. Michelle just came and whatever, but yeah I shouldn’t have done that either, as a young CEO."

    The music executive, who is now married to Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright, said his relationship with K didn’t work because their feelings weren’t exactly the same. "I was very very fond of K," said MeMpHiTz. "I wasn’t in love with her like she seemed to be in love with me."

    And what about claims that he spent up her $2 million record deal on himself? MeMpHiTz said there’s no way she was given a contract worth that much money as a new artist because she didn’t have enough buzz around her to garner that big of a deal.

    "You have a substantial amount of heat on you in the streets and you’ve done things," MeMpHitz explained,  "even then it is far fetched to say any artist—a new artist—receives $2 million on a deal."

    Beyond that he charged that Jive never would have given her such a big deal because, according to him, the company aims to maximize income while minimizing costs.

    All told, he said that she only got about $500,000 on her deal. Although he was given money to run his now defunct label under Jive, MeMpHiTz swore that he doesn’t dip into his artist’s funds for himself. "I never touch [an] artist’s situation," he said before breaking down how labels control their money.  "You really don’t have access to the person’s money like that, the label handles the money. You submit a budget, the label gives you that budget if they want to—if they approve it."

    Eventually, MeMpHiTz had to shut down his label because he tried to take on too much responsibility, but he thinks K didn’t help matters by spreading her accusations throughout Jive.

    "I was trying to be a one man show. It was certain things and not to mention when K starts going up to the office herself and telling the label that I hit her," he said. "Lies travel fast, whether you did it or not."

    Many people will point at the fact that K.Michelle never mentioned MeMpHiTz by name as proof that she isn’t trying to throw him under the bus. However, he said that had more to do with him taking pre-emptive legal action than her integrity.

    In his opinion, much of the backlash he’s come up against has to do with the fact that he married Toya. And he asserted that he never cheated on K. with his now-wife. "Please. No," he said."After the police thing, I just stopped talking to K.Michelle,"

    What "police thing"? Well, MeMpHiTZ copped to the fact that things did get physical between him and K.Michelle, but he said anything he did was done in self-defense.

    He said the physical altercation stemmed from an episode at a hotel that took place the day they broke up. Apparently, K had a penchant for lashing out in public and embarrassing MeMpHiTz and he just couldn’t take it  anymore. Specifically, K flipped out once when someone tried to pitch a female artist and disrupted a meeting.

    Once he smoothed things over with the potential partner, he went back to their hotel room and broke things off. "All of a sudden, I see it for the first time: the Tasmanian Devil, start swinging, throwing stuff at me," MeMpHiTz recalled.

    "I grabbed her, grabbed her arm, I’m tired of taking a thousand swinging punches from a girl. Yes I grabbed her and held her arm down from hitting my a– again," he said, revealing that he’d actually asked hotel maids to get him some help. On top of that, he said he tried to keep K quiet because she was disturbing other guests. "She was screaming and screaming. I covered her mouth because she was screaming so loud, people were knocking on the ceiling, I was like “Stop, what are you doing? Do you see yourself? Are you crazy?’

    The radio interview marks the first time that the music executive has spoken out about the incident in depth. Last week he posted an explosive tweet, where he claimed that he "made" K.Michelle into the person she is.

    "First of all, I will apologize to anyone who took that in an offensive manner," MeMpHiTz said. He clarified that although he didn’t give her such an amazing singing voice ("it came from God"), he did package her the right way to be an entertainer. He’s not giving up the credit for that. "Yes I put you together in a form for the industry, I put you together."

    While apologizes for the way he got his message across, it wasn’t an entirely unexpected reaction, "I knew it was gonna sting, because look what you just said about me? That’s a lie."

    MeMpHiTz said it is true that she has been the victim of domestic violence, but it wasn’t at his hands.

    "She was abused before, it just wasn’t me. I can’t be your muse anymore," he said addressing K. "You want to argue with me so you can go write a hit. You want to defame my character so you can get fans and write a hit. I can’t lay down for that one."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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