Preview: ‘Real Mistresses of Atlanta’

    It seems it wasn’t just a rumor. A trailer for the sure-to-be-controversial new series “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta” was just leaked.

    The series, created by MeMpHiTz Wright, features Maliah, Rosee, Mary Jane (pictured), Sarah and Branden. No, Branden is not technically a mistress, but he apparently has few qualms with playing the role.

    The sneak peek offers quick introductions of the cast members, followed almost immediately by expletives and rear ends. It’s not clear whether the show has been picked up by a network, but if the curse words and scantily-clad bombshells aren’t edited, it will likely end up on a pay cable network.

    Unlike some other reality series whose titles suggest that the cast members are married women, “Mistresses” leaves no question. These women are the ones actual wives despise.

    “If I were ever approached by a wife, there’s no argument. There’s no fight," said Mary Jane who spit a few bars in the nine-minute sneak peek. "I would sympathize with her dearly, but if it’s anything you need from me, you need to know what I’m doing to have your man coming to me."

    Just like so many other reality series, the cast seems to include hot tempers and volatile personalities that don’t quite mesh.

    Be warned, the sneak peek is for mature audiences only. Take a look below.


    The Real Mistresses Of Atlanta (Reality Show) from @Cricketrsm on Vimeo





    —Tracy L. Scott


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