‘Single Ladies’ lessons: 6.26.12

    VH1 is dropping knowledge on "Single Ladies!" Find out what we learned from the show this week!

    Lesson 1: Do your research

    As a wise man (my dad) once said, "Dogs sniff each other’s butts, people check each other’s Facebook pages."

    Some people make their pages private, but if you have the option to look at his wall before friending him, it’s to your advantage to take a peek at his page. It’s not exactly snooping if they make it everyone’s business.

    The guy you’re having dinner with on Friday might be super-cute, but you’ve got to know who you’re going out with. Raquel’s date clearly did his research and planned a great date just based on her Facebook posts. Score!

    Unfortunately, Raquel didn’t do a little digging of her own and she wound up spending time with a guy that doesn’t really see her as his equal.

    Lesson 2: Don’t show your hand first (sometimes)

    Keisha lost a car because she just knew she had something on her opponent (played by the oh-so-sexy T.I.), but she was wrong.

    There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence, but sometimes it’s best to see what your playmate is working with before you decide to proceed.

    By that we don’t mean getting him naked, but rather try to see where his mind is at and the kind of person he is. Do your personalities mesh? Is he looking for something serious? Is he seeing anyone else? Is he a honest, respectful man? Is he worthy of you? How does he treat you?

    These are just a few things to consider when you’re figuring out how you feel about someone. Until you know that (and you believe he can be trusted), it’s best not to open yourself up completely.

    Lesson 3: Play nice

    You’re not going to get along with everyone you meet, that’s a given. However, there’s no reason to be confrontational.

    Also be aware of the environment you’re stepping into and adjust your behavior accordingly. It was wrong for Marcus to be rude to Omar, his girlfriend’s doting older brother. But Marcus should also have taken into account the fact that he was stepping into Omar’s domain.

    You don’t have to agree with the way someone chooses to live their life, but that doesn’t make it okay to be outrightly disrespectful. And if Marcus really felt the need to call Omar on his behavior, there was a more mature way to do it than that.

    Lesson 4: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

    Marcus may have a certain view of how gay men act, but Omar was ready to throw down.

    Lesson 5: They’re still watching

    There are certain relationships in life that are never really over.

    We’ve seen a hundred times before! You and your boo breakup and start seeing other people, but you still keep an eye on each other.

    Do you still care about each other? Yes. Does that mean you’re getting back together at some point? No clue! But one thing is clear, there are some people that will always be a big factor in your life.

    Lesson 6: Flattery will get you everywhere

    Sometimes the best tool in your professional arsenal is a smile and a great sense of humor. 

    There’s something to be said for knowing your craft and having natural talent, but personality will get you a long way.





    —Sonya Eskridge



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