Did Mimi Faust break up with Stevie J?

    Is Mimi Faust about ready to call it quits with Stevie J?

    "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" has only been on the air for two weeks and the plot continues to thicken. Mimi and Stevie’s love triangle with Joseline Hernandez is still a hot topic of conversation as everyone wonders why Mimi is holding onto Stevie.

    She told radio personality Egypt Sherrod that she’s not sticking with Stevie for his skills in the bedroom. Instead, she’s been very committed to the idea of maintaining her family.

    "I thought he and I were working towards something—towards raising and building our family," Mimi explained. "But when I realized that that wasn’t the direction we were both trying to go in—my head was there and his was obviously elsewhere—then I made a decision at that point."

    From the sound of it she may not be sticking with Stevie for too much longer. But is what she said they’ve split up after nearly four years of dating and a baby? Mimi was a little vague about her answer.

    "I would love to keep my family together, but at this point I don’t see that happening. So, I’m willing to just let this do what it do," Mimi told Egypt.

    On Monday’s show, it looked like Stevie was trying to get Mimi in on his business, which is another big commitment. Others saw it as something of a bribe that Stevie was paying Mimi to get her to let his situation with Joseline slide.

    "No no no no no. What it was was I wanted to be more involved in the business," "It wasn’t I was accepting a payoff. I actually wanted to be involved. If I put in this work and I have been dealing with this this long I want to be more hands-on with the situation as far as making the money and everything that goes along with it."

    And when asked if she and Stevie have an understanding that they will be monogamous, Mimi said, "Understanding? No."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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