Kim Kardashian keeps quiet about Beyoncé

    Does Kim Kardashian have to keep quiet about her budding friendship with Beyoncé?

    They may have been spotted partying at a recent Watch The Throne show, but don’t expect to see many tweets about Bey from Kim K.

    A source told the New York Daily News that Kim is being very careful when it comes to their relationship. At first, rumors swirled that Bey wanted to keep Kim out of her inner circle. But the reality starlet eventually found her way in and knows she needs to keep quiet about her new gal pal if she hopes to stay in the diva’s good graces.

    Kim, who is all about self-promotion, is respecting the "unwritten rule" and honoring Beyoncé’s desire to keep her personal life private.

    "She is not allowed to blast to the world her business with Bey and Jay,” the insider said. “She’s hung with them a few times already, but she isn’t saying peep about them.”

    But now that the two are at least cool enough to hang out while watching their men perform, Kim doesn’t want to seem star-struck.

    “She’s not tweeting or taking pictures with [Beyoncé] because she doesn’t want to seem desperate,” the source shared.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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