Is a ‘Basketball Wives’ love triangle brewing?

    Could Shaunie O’Neal’s hot (and younger) man Marlon Yates Jr. be cheating on her with a member of the “Basketball Wives” crew?

    It might be the case.

    Draya Michele from “Basketball Wives: LA” reportedly sent out some tweets to Shaunie’s boo that seemed a little suspicious.

    Draya’s tweets were seemingly written while she and Marlon were in the midst of a conversation via direct message.

    Draya tweeted: “@MarlonYatesJr lol. No I’m chillin. Impatient if anything. Never mad.”

    “@MarlonYatesJr marlon I’m confused. What am I mad about?”

    Marlon did not send a tweet back to Draya using her Twitter handle, but followed up with a tweet simply expressing his affection for Shaunie. “I Love My Woman…..,” it read.

    Apparently, Draya felt the need to reply to Marlon’s romantic sentiment by tweeting, “RT @MarlonYatesJr: I Love My Woman….#thingsamansays.”

    While these tweets don’t serve as hard evidence that Marlon is stepping out on Shaunie, they have definitely raised an eyebrow or two.

    Shaunie has done fairly well keeping the dirty details of her personal life out of the media, so it’s doubtful she will comment on the tweets.

    For now, fans will have to wait and see if Shaunie brings Draya back for another season of “Basketball Wives: LA.”


    See photos of Shaunie, Draya, Evelyn Lozada, Royce Reed and all your favorite "Basketball Wives."

    —Chelsea Boone


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