‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.3.12

    K.Michelle bares her heart

    K.Michelle bared her heart at a showcase, where she officially debuted that song we heard her recording on the series premiere of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

    The singer may have her maysayers, but all she had to do was open her mouth to shut up her detractors.

    What you say?

    K.Michelle gave an amazing performance and everyone seemed to be in a great mood during her showcase.

    A good night went sour when Stevie J popped off on Erica for mocking him. What Stevie didn’t know is that he picked the wrong woman to mess with.

    Not only was Erica not intimidated, she threw back some of Stevie’s attitude!

    K.Michelle seeks professional help

    K.Michelle is looking for a manager that can shape her brand, so she turned to music manager Jeff Robinson.

    He comes with a great track record considering that he was pivotal in turning Alicia Keys and Tyrese (among others) into household names. 

    Sadly, K seems to have a reputation that precedes her. And while Jeff was down to be a consultant whe she needs advice, he wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to officially take her on as a client.

    Date night with Lil Scrappy

    Erica Dixon doesn’t want her boo Lil Scrappy to move out. So, in an effort to get him to stick around, she’s going to give him exactly what he’s been asking for.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be a little too late because Scrappy’s already found his own spot and he’s ready to sign them papers.

    The news put a little speed bump in their evening of love, but after a discussion about what him moving out really means for them as a couple, they kept the party going.

    Mimi vs. Joseline: baby edition

    There are almost no words for the showdown that was Mimi vs Joseline vs Stevie J. Almost.

    Joseline, in yet another attempt to establish dominance, invited Mimi out to tell her face-to-face that Stevie got her pregnant. Instead of the expected reaction, Mimi seemed rather unimpressed with the news–dare we say, she even expected it.

    For all of her posturing, Joseline seems intent on getting Stevie all to herself, but Mimi isn’t going anywhere. She’s determined to hang onto Stevie and no potential babymama drama is going to scare her away.

    But if things weren’t awkward enough, Joseline called in Stevie, who had her pregnancy test in his hand! And there seems to be some disagreement on the last time he slept with Joseline.

    Mimi is getting upset about the wrong things, and she doesn’t seem to be making any moves to get out of the situation while her sanity is still in tact.

    —Sonya Eskridge




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