‘Single Ladies’ lessons: 7.3.12

    Lesson 1: Mind your own business

    Whether Keisha (or the audience) likes it or not, Malcolm has moved on. His new girl Taylor is catty and classist to say the least, and Malcolm still cares very much about Keisha.

    That, however, does not give Keisha the right to threaten to put Taylor on blast for being broke. Despite the fact that Taylor walks into Indulge ready to buy every expensive dress she can get her hands on, her family has fallen on hard times and that’s something she’d rather keep to herself. Keisha disagrees, though, and she seems awfully eager to air out  Taylor’s dirty laundry.

    That’s quite a shift, considering Keisha would stop at nothing to conceal her own felonious past from Malcolm last season.

    Lesson 2: Don’t compete over a man

    There’s nothing wrong with being friends with your ex, if you can manage it. But don’t get into a contest with his new girl.

    No matter whose stats stack up better, it’s ultimately tacky to continue staking a claim on a man you are no longer with. The man will show you who is more important in his life. If you happen to be on the losing end of that battle, you could be picking up your face as well of the pieces of your broken heart.

    Lesson 3: Be careful of the company you keep

    Some women bristle whenever another woman is around their man. In some cases, it’s because she can’t trust him.

    This is also a lesson for women in relationships: Don’t get involved with a man you can’t trust.


    Lesson 4: Timing is everything

    Sometimes you meet an awesome guy after you’re already linked up with another great guy. In Raquel’s case, she met an awesome guy named Charles and didn’t hear from him until she started officially seeing her young thang Scotty.

    Had Charles spoken up a little sooner, maybe Scotty wouldn’t have had a chance. But he didn’t and Scotty moved fast. That made for a rather awkward situation when  Raquel ran into Scotty while out on a date.

    Of course, there  are times when you can help timing along.

    Lesson 5: When a man wants you, he is determined

    Everybody knows that classic refrain from "I Got A Man": "What your man got to do with me?"

    You being otherwise spoken for may not deter some potential suitors. You have to decide how dedicated you are to the relationship you’re in before determining whether or not the other man has a chance.

    When Charles expressed an interest, we could see Raquel start the count down on giving Scotty the boot.


    Lesson 6: Sex tapes are a bad idea!

    Showing the camera a little love can spice things up in the bed, or ruin your life…probably both.



    —Sonya Eskridge





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