Eddie Levert talks gold diggers

    Eddie Levert visited S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown at her house and the two sat down and had a very candid conversation just for S2S readers.

    Eddie opened up to Jamie and talked about how losing his sons Gerald and Sean caused him to discover things about himself that he didn’t like.

    “This whole album was really a project about—about a period that I went through after I lost the boys and how—what a dark place that was,” he said.

    Going through this dark place and eventually making it out led to his song “Last Man Standing” and the rest of his album.  Watch the video to learn about his creative process and how he made it out of the darkness.

    They also had some lighthearted talk about sugar daddies and gold diggers.

    “Every man who has a wife or girlfriend is a sugar daddy,” Eddie told Jamie, “and if he’s not, then he’s going to lose real soon.”



    Eddie and Jamie discuss a whole lot more. Read it all in the August 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.





    Eddie talks about gold diggers and sugar daddies below. Watch.



    Eddie talks more about "Last Man Standing." Watch.

    —Chelsea Boone


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