Date Night With Wesley Jonathan

    He plays what he describes as “a freeloader” on TV Land’s sitcom “The Soul Man,” but Wesley Jonathan scoffed at the idea that he’d ever be that way with a love interest and make her pay his way.

    The 33-year-old TV veteran has been working in Hollywood since he was 6, but despite stereotypes of L.A. being the pretentious capital of the world, he’s looking for a woman who’s down to earth. 

    “You gotta know when to let your hair down and know when to put your hair up. You gotta know when to put on your tennis shoes and when to wear your heels. You can’t be red-bottomed up all the time,” he said.

    What are his pet peeves? Does he kiss on the first date? Where would he take a woman? Find out more from Wesley below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Tracy: What would you wear to impress her?
    Wesley: Probably some jeans, a button-up shirt and if it’s cold or chilly outside, a leather jacket and dress shoes, but not dressy, dressy, like gators and church dressy, but either that or some nice boots or something.

    Tracy: What are your dating pet peeves?
    Wesley: I don’t like questions like, ‘So, tell me something about yourself.’ I’m a very specific and detailed individual. I like specifics. Ask me a direct question. Let’s narrow it down. That’s what conversation is about. You ask somebody a question. They ask it back. That’s conversation. That’s etiquette. That is a pet peeve of mine: one-sided conversations. Repeat what I say. Use me as a buffer. If I ask you a question, why don’t you have enough sense to ask me the same question?

    Tracy: How do you feel about women with weaves, implants, etc…?
    Wesley: If whatever you got that’s not yours is done well, that’s great. If your weave is done well, then great. If your boobs is a great boob job and they’re not sitting on your chin looking like two hard basketballs, then it’s great. Sometimes people aren’t born with those items. They want to feel better about themselves. If you’re working your fake items, I applaud you. As a man, to sit here and say, ‘I don’t like that,’ I’m cutting off a lot of people out there. It’s hypocritical because a man who’s short-changed down there, he’d be the first to get his stuff enhanced. I’m not for or against. If I was a woman, a woman’s breast is her womanhood. If I got an A-cup, and I feel like a 12-year-old boy up top, if you can find a doctor to do it right, go ahead and do it. Just make sure you’re doing it right. No tittie on your forehead.

    Tracy: What about body type?
    Wesley: Now, when you get into the weight aspect of it, I like thick women, but thick is now starting to get taken out of context. I think thick now is getting to fuse into overweight because it sounds better, but it gets down to a matter of opinion. I don’t mind some controlled lumps, some controlled shapes, controlled. Also, I don’t want a woman particularly taller than me when she throws on her heels. I don’t want to be on the red carpet looking like Tom Cruise. I don’t want to walk next to a woman who puts on heels and she’s towering over me. For me to be a little taller, it’s a better look.

    Tracy: If everything goes well, when do you follow up?
    Wesley:  I’ve had nice dates with nice people and you never hear from me again. It’s not them. It’s just my lifestyle, moving real fast. You remember them, but sometimes you just don’t call. I don’t do the whole two-day [rule]. I don’t know of many men who do that. Women have these timetables. I don’t think I do that. It goes by impulse. If I reflect on that nice time the next day, I may call you that next day. I could reflect on that nice time and not call you for three days. Mine varies. As a man, I don’t plan or organize things like that. It’s my impulse and feeling.

    Wesley answers more Date Night questions in the August 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.







    See photos of Wesley, Romeo, Terrence J and more Date Night hunks below.


    —Tracy L. Scott


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