‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.10.12

    Mixing business and pleasure

    Despite their differences on the video set, Rasheeda wants her hubby Kirk Frost to know that she’s down for him. So, to encourage a little marital bliss, the Atlanta rapper cooked dinner for her man so that they could connect by candlelight.

    Things looked a little shaky for Rasheeda and Kirk at the video shoot, but as long as they make time to work on the relationship, we think they’ll be alright.

    And as we’ve seen yet again, men appreciate a little affection and effort from their woman. And ladies, it pays to be a little flexible and soft from time-to-time. There’s no need to always be acting tough.

    Like any married couple, Rasheeda and Kirk will get into their fights, but these two seem to have a lock on representing the love in "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." And Rasheeda is something of a softie for her man.

    This went down as the only sentimental, lovey-dovey, pleasant moment on the show before the episode descended into some major drama.

    Mimi dumps Stevie

    Mimi is so done with Stevie J.  After the baby blowup last Monday with Joseline, Mimi has decided that she needs to leave Stevie alone.

    So after much cajoling, she finally agrees to meet her babydaddy to tell him off one last time before walking away.  We are glad she’s removing herself from that love triangle because viewers were starting to question her intelligence. 

    While we at S2S would rather see a full family unit, sometimes it’s best to walk away when one of the partners just won’t act right.

    Hey, Buckeey!

    A ghost from VH1’s past popped up in Atlanta as Shay "Buckeey" Johnson wiggled her way onto "LHHA."

    She sauntered over to Scrappy’s new place in nothing but a bikini and heels.  What?! You don’t  just lay around in a two-piece all the time? We’d say that she looked a little thirsty in her get up, but that would be stating the obvious and we know our readers are smarter than that!

    Quiet as it’s kept (you know, just between Scrappy, us and all of America), Scrappy and Shay are a little more than friends. Although he’d been making an effort to be with his babymama Erica Dixon, Shay’s ready to scoop him up if things don’t work out. She’s been waiting about a few years already, what’s a couple more days?

    Shay’s not crazy about the idea of him sticking up for Erica, but she’s not giving that a lot of thought as she dropped by to attend to much more pressing matters: having Scrappy rub some sun block on her.

    Lil Scrappy scraps with Stevie J

    Let it be known: You can’t just talk about Erica Dixon all reckless without having to deal with Lil Scrappy!

    Although Stevie approached Erica with every intention of apologizing, the discussion quickly deteriorated into a parking lot brawl. Why? Because Joseline jumped into the middle of it.

    We don’t even know where Joseline would have gotten the impression that Erica and Stevie had ever slept together, but it would have been best for her to keep her mouth shut in this situation. Joseline’s reasoning for speaking up doesn’t make sense as even she was confused about what was going on. In cases like this, we find it best to just sit back and assess the situation before getting involved!

    We want to note that although what viewers saw of the fight was pretty bad, the scene was heavily edited.  We shudder to think about what’s on the cutting room floor!

    Post-fight show

    Erica broke down the situation for Mimi, Rasheeda and K.Michelle the next day in what we can only describe as the reality TV version of a post-game show (camera angles and all).

    Lil Scrappy was talking about their fight this morning. See what he had to say when you flip through today’s Daily Buzz below!

    —Sonya Eskridge






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