Is Natalie Nunn’s husband cheating?

    Natalie Nunn has only been married about two months, but is there already trouble in paradise for the Bridezilla? reports that Natalie went on a Twitter tirade that left some wondering if her new hubby Jacob Payne is cheating.

    On first glance at the tweets, which have since been removed from her timeline, Natalie seemingly goes off about finding another woman in her home. "If I ever find a bitch in my room again blood every where knifes someone call the cops nowwww," Natalie tweeted on July 8, "you fked up."

    She added, "Oh what’s it like to be single again."

    But a look at all of the updates indicates that the trouble may have started earlier that night at the club. Apparently, she found out that someone was hitting on her hubby and fighting with a friend of hers named Mimi during a night out.

    While Natalie didn’t launch into a jealous rage over her man, she wasn’t about to let the girl off for messing with her friend. Supposedly, Mimi was kicked out for getting into it with the would-be jumpoff.

    By the time it was time for her to stop tweeting for the night, the newlyweds were back on good terms as Natalie posted, "My other half @MrJacobPayne the better half!"

    Take a look back at their big day below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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