Antwaun Cook focuses on fatherhood?

    Fantasia’s babydaddy Antwaun Cook may not have the husband or boyfriend of the year award, but he wants everyone to know that he’s a good father.

    Antwaun, who is rumored to be dating Kendra James from Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club,” is not letting that relationship—that neither of them will comment on—take away from his duties as a father.

    Considering that a Twitter photo, that has since been removed, started the rumors about Antwaun and Kendra, it’s no surprise that he used the social media site to side-step the gossip.

Instead of addressing it, he shamed those who failed to praise his parenting skills as publicly as they criticize his private life.

    “Can’t wait to see my kids today,” he tweeted, “bet nobody cares about that…”

    It’s nice to know that Antwaun, who is still legally married to his wife, is committed to his kids; being committed to their mothers doesn’t seem to be quite as easy for him.



    See Antwaun’s tweets below.

    —Chelsea Boone

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