Romeo goes shirtless for ‘Rolling Out’

    Romeo Miller is all about changing and evolving, but check out these amazing pictures.

    People might still make jokes abot him being young, but Romeo is talking about grown-man business in the upcoming issue of Rolling Out.

    And who would be able to educate him about that better than his own dad Percy Miller? One big thing he learned from Papa Percy about being a man in the entertainment industry is that your image has got to grow with you.

    "I think a lot of artists don’t understand the concept of change," Romeo mused. "It’s just like life, because as a kid growing up in the business, I saw my father evolve every few years. Just knowing that everything is going to change with time and nothing stays the same."

    He’s seen practical application of this in his own life. Not only has he dropped the "Lil" from his name (he’s grown up very nicely, after all), but his style has changed too. "I remember I used to wear baggy jeans and everybody used to have their throwback jerseys," Romeo said. "There’s no way I would wear those kind of clothes now. But just like fashion changes, your body, mind and life change as well."

    The rapper-turned-actor, who was most recently spotted playing Scotty on "Single Ladies," also broke down the top three things any woman needs to have to keep him around.

    "Education; gotta be a smart woman and independent. Good heart; everyone loves a woman who loves kids and their outlook on life is positive," Romeo said before pointing out that a lady should know how to put her smarts to good use in the kitchen. "You gotta know how to cook. If you don’t know how to cook, then that’s a problem—especially if you’re from the South like me. And give good massages. I could keep going."

    —Sonya Eskridge




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