Centric introduces ‘Amateur Millionaires’


    What exactly is an “amateur millionaire”? Centric TV defines it with a new series that follows a handful of newly rich African Americans go-getters.

    Centric’s new show highlights the lives of nine new millionaires in the show titled “Amateur Millionaire’s Club.”

    The show, which premiered July 7, “provides a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of nine newly minted African-American millionaires as they showcase their rise to wealth and the challenges that come along with their new-found status,” according to the network.

    The millionaires featured on the show have all acquired their new wealth through Multi-Level marketing with the company Ardyss International, and have reached an elite status that’s earned each the title Platinum President.

    Dorothy Cook (pictured), dubbed “The Godmother” of the group, became the first Platinum President in the English market for the company and therefore has been a member of the exclusive club the longest.

There are many other personalities on the show from a first lady of a church, to a former exotic dancer, to a Hurricane Katrina and breast cancer survivor/aspiring rapper, all sharing one thing in common: their membership in the club.

    Reality TV fans can see the drama that results after becoming rich almost overnight. The show airs on Centric on Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST.

    Watch the first episode below.


    —Cheslea Boone



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