Christina still unhappy with Dream’s parenting

    Christina Milian has accepted the idea that she’s raising her daughter without the support of her babydaddy, The-Dream.

    “I’ve come to the realization that I have to be 150 to 200 percent mom for her,” Christina told 97.9 The Box DJ, JJ.

    Christina, who’s prepping new music and working on “The Voice," clarified that she’s not strapped for cash. She’d just prefer for her daughter to grow up with a loving father.

    “All I care about is my daughter. When it comes to the case of parenting and having another parent, I really would like for her to have a father in her life,” she said. “It’s not about finances. It’s about spending time.”

     Christina, who has fond memories of growing up with her dad, isn’t ashamed to admit that she wants the same for her daughter, Violet.

    “I remember what it was like as a child being raised by my dad, and it meant something to me,” she said.

    While it seems she’s given up hope that The-Dream—who lives in Atlanta while Christina lives in LA—will be the father she’d like for their daughter, she does think she’ll have a father one day.

    “She’ll have that, and she’ll have that in somebody that will care and love her,” she said. “Someday there’ll be a healthy man in my life who will love her the way that I do.”

    Christina talks about making music with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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