K.Michelle makes bisexual confession on new mixtape

    K.Michelle no longer has any secrets she needs kept thanks to her new mixtape, 0 F*cks Given.

    The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" is bringing all of her skeletons out of the closet with her latest studio project, particularly in the case of a track titled "U Gonna Learn Today."

    K.Michelle confesses to a past on the pole to make ends meet as she sings, "Yeah I was a stripper, but I ain’t no whore."

    As we know, she’s moved onto a career in the studio. Much like Frank Ocean, K.Michelle no longer has any secrets she needs kept as she also admitted to some bisexual tendencies, stating, "I done been around the world/slept with some girls/smoked a little weed, but that don’t define me."  

    It should be noted that her attraction to women was also the sole subject of a song called "Girlfriend," which is located further down the playlist for 0 F*cks Given.

    The singer/reality TV star took no prisoners on the track and offered no apologies for anything she stated or sang. In her opinion, if anyone gets angry about something she said, it’s probably for good reasons known only to them.

    "If this record makes you feel some type of way/might be a bullet shot out your way/’Cause I’mma throw shade when I get paid," she explained melodically.

    And throw she does on a song called "Go Off," where she takes aim at MeMpHiTz and his wife Toya Wright.

    When "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" debuted in June, K.Michelle said that she had been abused in a past relationship with a man. Without naming names, she accused her former beau of also spending all the money in her record deal.  It was later discovered that MeMpHiTz is the unnamed man.

    MeMpHiTz has denied allegations that he hit K.Michelle, but he admitted that he did have to restrain her at one point during an argument in a hotel. Meanwhile Toya has taken a few sly shots of her at K.Michelle via Twitter.

    She took them both on in "Go Off."

    "You can lie on every radio and sh*t/but your karma ain’t gon’ let you get away with it," K sings. "So tell you b!*ch stop talkin’ ’bout sh*t she ain’t seen/I don’t mean no disrespect, but she don’t wanna f*ck with me."

    The singer added, "Yeah I might be crazy, but I’m talented as f*ck."

    Listen to what else K is owning up to, including a certain sense of loneliness and vulnerability, when you listen to all of 0 F*cks Given below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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