Solange upset by Beyoncé’s friendship with Kim Kardashian

    Beyoncé might be ready to overlook Kim Kardashian’s questionable reputation and give her a chance at friendship, but not with Solange Knowles’ approval.

    Younger sister Solange is apparently none-too-pleased that her big sister has been keeping company with Kim, whose short-lived marriage, sex-tape exploits and serial dating deem her undesirable in some circles.

    “In Solange’s eyes, Beyoncé is a stand-out star, a premiere singer of our time, whereas Kim is just a reality star who only got famous after a sex tape was leaked,” a source told The National Enquirer.

    When Kim first began dating Kanye West, a good friend of Bey’s hubby Jay-Z, it was rumored that Bey was keeping her distance. However, the ladies were seen partying together at a Watch the Throne tour stop, and at the BET Awards.

    “She called Beyoncé out on it, and they had a fight over Kim. It culminated with Beyoncé telling Solange she can be friends with whomever she wants,” the Enquirer source said.



    See photos of Bey & Solange, the Braxtons, Mary Mary and more celeb sisters.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Is Beyoncé too good to be friends with Kim, or is she doing the right thing by ignoring the perception and getting to know Kim for herself? Leave your comments below.


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