‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.17.12

    Shay lays claim to Scrappy

    Buckeey dropped by to check on Scrappy and see if he’s dumped Erica Dixon ye—uhhh…to see how he was doing after his horrible asthma attack.

    Of course she was worried about her prospective boo, but she’s staying in her lane for the moment. We couldn’t have been the only ones that caught Scrappy’s comment about her only coming over when he allowed her to.

    Whether he’s officially broken things off with Erica or not, Buckeey is already claiming him as her man. There’s nothing wrong with going after someone you want, but she’s a bit short-sighted. She’s not seeing that Scrappy’s got no problem laying the groundwork for a new relationship while the old one is falling apart.

    But as we saw on the last episode, she doesn’t seem to have a problem encouraging advances from a man that is otherwise spoken for. And she was really cool with being kept a secret because Erica doesn’t know how close Buckeey and Scrappy really are.

    It’s a good thing Scrappy’s got a pool because this clip left her looking a little thirsty.

    Left for dead

    While Buckeey—excuse us Shay—was consoling Lil Scrappy, his girlfriend Erica was getting an earful from Mama Dee.

    Apparently, Mama Dee wasn’t happy about Erica having Scrappy’s friend look after him while she went to work during his asthma attack.

    But perhaps that’s a behavior she learned from Scrappy because Erica claimed that the rapper abandoned her after she miscarried one of their children.


    Joseline and Karlie work together

    Joseline doesn’t like sharing Stevie romantically or professionally. So, when he came at her with a proposal to do a duet with Karlie Redd, she wasn’t having it.

    On a personal level, Karlie and Stevie were able to resolve their problems from K.Michelle’s birthday problems. When taking her management deal with Cash Money into account, he was open to getting Karlie and Joseline in the studio together.

    After much hemming, hawing and age insults, Joseline broke down and agreed to do the duet. But not before she tied to pawn Karlie off on Nicki Minaj.


    Get your stuff…get your stuff and get out!

    Color Stevie surprised when Mimi rolled up to his friends house with an SUV full of his stuff! Mimi was packing up his stuff earlier in the episode and she absolutely meant to get that man out of her house.

    We  don’t know all that she’s been through with Stevie, but clearly him getting Joseline pregnant was the final straw. But before she peeled out of the driveway, running over his stuff in the process, Mimi had a few parting words for her babydaddy.

    Stevie seemed not to understand the severity of the situation because he tried to steal a kiss.


    Don’t shake unless you’re ready to get shook

    Karlie had another confrontation on Monday night. Karlie’s mouth has gotten her into some trouble this season, and K.Michelle wasn’t having all the disharmony.

    Unlike most of these peaceful discussion-turned-cat fights, K.Michelle didn’t exactly come with the intention of having a  clam discussion with Karlie. She


    —Sonya Eskridge



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