EXCLUSIVE: Tameka Foster keeping son on life support

    Contrary to previous reports, Tameka Foster has no problem keeping her son Kile on life support.

    It was reported earlier this week that Tameka might be forced to pull the plug on Kile, who was pronounced brain dead following a tragic jet ski crash.  According to the New York Daily News, her insurance couldn’t continue to cover the cost much longer.

    Now, there’s word that those reports might be wrong.

    A source close to the situation told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown that "rumors of disconnecting the kid because of money aren’t true."

    We also heard that Tameka has been sleeping at the hospital, where she’s fasting and praying for her son’s recovery.

    She’s not doing it alone, however, as Kile’s father, Bounce TV Executive Vice President Ryan Glover, has also been spending lots of time at the hospital as well.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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