Joseline defends Stevie J, strippers, nude pic

    Joseline Hernandez isn’t a man, but if she was, she’d love women just as much as her philandering manager Stevie J.

    “Stevie is a ladies’ man,” Joseline recently told Global Grind. “Stevie, he loves all women. He loves women! There’s nothing wrong with that. If I was a man, I would love them too. Believe me. I’m not a man, and I love them, so I can just imagine if I was.”

    While many “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers could easily imagine Joseline as a man and accused her of being transgendered, she said that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To prove it, Joseline posted a photo of her naked body to Twitter.

    “It was so frustrating to me,” she said of the gossip. “I promise to God, I’ve never heard that. I’m like ‘Me? Me? My perfect face, my perfect body?’”

    Joseline admits that not all parts of that “perfect body” are natural.

    “Yes, I got my boobs done,” said the reality star, who caught a lot of flack for the naked photo.

    That’s something she’ll never do again.

    “I allowed people to get up under my skin,” she admitted. “When they were saying ‘is she a woman or is she a man?’ I never in my life heard anything like that. It frustrated me. It depressed me. It drove me crazy to the point that I did that.”

    It was public criticism that drove Joseline to share that naked photo of herself, but she said her decision to begin stripping at the age of 16 was based on necessity.

    “I have five brothers and sisters, and I make the sixth person. And it was my mom and my step dad, and we left Puerto Rico, came here, when I was around 10 years old. We really didn’t have any money,” explained Joseline, who said she started earning $600 to $1,000 a month.

As a former stripper, she empathizes with those who feel they have no other alternative but to depend on the pole.

    “I’ve danced with a lot of girls that their parents have AIDS or their children have cancer. They’re trying to pay to go to college to make a better life for their family and their kids. I’ve danced with some girls that their parents put out at 16 because their parents were on drugs. What are you going to do when you’re that age? What else can you do?” she asked.

    “I’ve never met a bad stripper in my life. I always meet young girls that are trying to do something with their life. I can say this for a fact: Strippers are not what people make it seem like it is, because we just want to make it like everybody else,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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