George Zimmerman speaks on Trayvon Martin’s death

    George Zimmerman said he thinks Trayvon Martin’s death was divine will.

    George, the former neighborhood watch member who has been charged with killing the Florida teen, went on FOX News Wednesday night for his first televised interview since the February shooting.

    During the chat on "The Sean Hannity Show," George apologized for gunning Trayvon down, but initially said he doesn’t regret anything that happened the night he killed the 17-year-old boy. 

    From the time he got out of his car to pursue to Trayvon to shooting him, George said he wouldn’t change a thing about what happened during their altercation. Furthermore, he told Sean that he believes Trayvon’s murder was "all God’s plan."

    Further into the interview, he retracted his statement, claiming that he was confused about what Sean asked him.

    “I do wish that there was something, anything, I could have done that would have put me in the position that I wouldn’t have to take his life," said George, who was joined by his lawyer. "I’m sorry that this happened. I hate to think that because of this incident, because of my actions, that it’s polarized and divided America.”

    Trayvon’s parents, who are still reeling from the loss of their son, don’t see it quite the same way. The pair was very upset by George’s appearance on FOX and issued a statement after the interview aired.

    “Zimmerman said that he does not regret getting out of his vehicle, he does not regret following Trayvon, in fact he does not regret anything that he did that night. He wouldn’t do anything different and he concluded it was God’s plan," the statement read.

    “We must worship a different God,” Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin added, “because there is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son.”

    Though he was taken into custody back in May, George is now out on $1 million bond as he prepares for his trial on second-degree murder charges for killing Trayvon.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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