Men have quadruple the sex partners women do


    Men think about sex more than women; men have had more sexual partners than women, and more women have faked orgasms than men.

    Many of us have believed this information to be true for many years, and now thanks to Trojan’s "Charged Sex Life Survey," we have proof.

    The survey, consisting of 3,000 Americans nationwide including those in 10 major cities, gives an inside look into the African-American sexual mind. According to the survey, 60 percent of African Americans consider themselves adventurous in the bedroom and over 70 percent are open to using a vibrator with a partner during sex.

    Other results found among the African Americans surveyed are:
    ·      Sixty percent are in committed, monogamous relationships.
    ·      On average African Americans have sex 2.9 times a week for an average of 39 minutes.
    ·      More than half believe things need to be more exciting in the bedroom.
    ·      More than 90 percent are open to trying new things.
    ·      Nearly one-third charge things up by having sex outdoors.

    How do men and women compare to one another?  According to the survey:
    ·      Men have an average of 38 sexual partners in a lifetime compared to 10 sexual partners for women.
    ·      Men think about sex 17 times a day, while women think of sex about five times a day.
    ·      Almost half of men wish sex lasted longer, compared to one-third of women.
    ·      More than half of women faked an orgasm while only 18 percent of men have.
    What city is the freakiest? That title will go to Atlanta. Atlanta residents were found to be the most sexually adventurous with the highest sex drive, according to the survey.

    —Chelsea Boone 



    Do you think these stats are true? How do you stack up in comparison? Sound off in our comment section below.


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