Nas will never cheat again

    If there’s anything Nas learned from his marriage to Kelis, it’s that cheating is never the way to go.

    The Life is Good rapper revealed to VH1 that there are three things every relationship needs if it is going to last, but that knowledge was hard-earned.

    "The biggest lesson I learned is respect…trust…no infidelity," Nas told VH1 before revealing his own indiscretion. "I, at some point, got pissed off during the relationship and strayed, and I wouldn’t do that again. I would be all good."

    Nas later came clean about cheating. "Yea. I told her. I told her that. I apologized. She apologized and we just move on. We live and we move on," he recalled.

    When he unveiled the cover of Life is Good, which features an image of him holding Kelis’ wedding dress, it appeared that Nas may be holding onto more than some valuable lessons from the relationship. The gown may even have brought up some old memories.

    "I don’t know, man. Certain things don’t go away so easily," said Nas. "The album cover made it fresh again to me in my mind, a little bit. I had to rethink things and stuff but it’s all good."

    Check out pics from Nas’ album release party below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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