Diamond explains Scrappy breakup

    Diamond chatted it up with "The Breakfast Club," and she dished on everything from her old relationship with Lil Srappy to a possible reality show with Soulja Boy.

    Ever since the debut of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" the public has been hearing a lot about Diamond as Scrappy laments his lost love (while Mama Dee just fumes about it). Scrappy has said that he believes his financial troubles were the reason Diamond left, but she said that’s not true.

    “If that’s the case, I wouldn’t have been with him a long time ago. It wasn’t about [money]. It wasn’t about us being artists," Diamond insisted. "When you in a relationship with somebody, you in a relationship through good, bad, thick and thin. That’s just how I am.”

    For the record, if someone she loved was having an asthma attack and needed to be rushed to the hospital, Diamond said that she’d skip work for them.

    That would certainly be the case if Diamond’s new boo Soulja Boy was in dire need of medical attention. She said things are getting really serious between them and the idea of them doing a reality show of their own has come up.

    Diamond also clarified that her decision not to do "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" had nothing to do with Scrappy and Mama Dee. As an already established artist, she wanted to avoid doing anything that could harm her brand.

    It’s true that she was up for a spot on the show, but as the rapper tells it, so were all the other Atlanta big names who weren’t already attached to their own reality shows. Supposedly, Mona Scott Young even talked to comedian Lil Duval about a spot on the show.

    But when it came for Diamond to make a decision, she had to decline the invitation to join the cast because she had no control over how her footage would be edited.

    "You’ve got to have that mystique about you, and being an artist that’s already established, it depends on how it’s played out," she reasoned. "You can’t play with your career like that."

    And being in the business of Diamond seems to be going well as the Atlanta rapper has signed a deal to be the body of Pastry’s new bikini line.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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