Draya Michele can’t get a date?

    Draya Michele appreciates a handsome, single, employed man, and being a Black guy with nice shoes doesn’t hurt. Watch.

    The “Basketball Wives: L.A.” star said humor is one thing she looks for in a man, but that’s only one thing on her list.

    “First thing in a man, he has to make me laugh. His teeth need to be nice, and his shoes need to be nice,” she told NecoleBitchie.com.

    While many men admit to having shoe fetishes that are intensified by a woman’s fierce shoe game, Draya said it’s about what nice shoes represent to her.

    “You can just tell where they been, and you can tell how they value things and what’s important to them and what’s not. I always put my shoes back in the box, and kept them very neat. So, I like a man who does the same thing. It just shows that he respects his things and probably worked hard to buy them,” she said.

    Draya, who is currently single, said it’s been more difficult meeting men since becoming a reality TV celebrity.

    “Guys won’t talk to me. They’re scared of me. They don’t ask for my number anymore. Now, they’re very shy. I’m friendly. I’m nice. I’m sweet,” she reasoned. “They’re intimidated; I guess. Instead of him choosing me, I choose him.”

    As for race, Draya prefers brothers, but she’s not opposed to a little swirl.

    “I like Black guys for the most part, but I’ll take a White guy if he’s nice,” she said.

    Watch Draya, Marques Houston, and Terrence J below.



    See photos of Draya with her "Basketball Wives" buddies below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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