Meagan Good tells women not to settle

    Now that she’s married, Meagan Good’s got two very important words of advice for women still searching for Mr. Right.

    Meagan wants every marriage-minded woman to find the man that God has meant for her–even if that means leaving a bunch of guys that aren’t right for her behind.

    In the search for love many women are willing to compromise on their expectations. “Sometimes…you make what you think are sacrifices because you see there’s potential here, or this person has it in their heart there’s just got to be some growing," Meagan told, explaining why some people just satisfy themselves with what’s good enough.

    Certainly, Meagan has been through a huge transformation in the last few years, and her love life has been a great example of that. The Think Like a Man actress has never met anyone like her new hubby DeVon Franklin and she’s still very smitten with him.

    “It’s been pretty amazing,” Meagan said of married life. “He is absolutely the most incredible thing that’s happened to me. We want the same thing out of life and that’s important."

    One of the main things they both want is a closer relationship with God, and Meagan said that both she and DeVon are on the front lines for Christ. Being serious about their Christian walk is part of what makes their relationship so strong. 

    "We’re not perfect but what we desire and what we aspire to is the same. In having a partner you ultimately have to know and want the same things and have the same type of revelations and we do," she said.

    But there’s more to Meagan and DeVon’s relationship than that because they truly love each other. Just as DeVon told S2S last month that he wants their marriage to inspire other people, Meagan especially wants single women to learn a very important lesson from her journey to the altar.

    "Ultimately one thing I would say to all women is don’t settle. It is out there. It does exist and God is so much bigger and greater than what our small minds can think," she said. "What we think is impossible is absolutely possible and I’m definitely living proof of that. My marriage is living proof of that.”

    Take a peek at photos from Meagan’s wedding day below! 




    —Sonya Eskridge




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