Will Brandy write a Whitney Houston tell-all?

    It’s no secret that Brandy had a tight bond with mentor and icon Whitney Houston, but unlike some of the legendary singer’s other close friends, Brandy has no plans to write a book about their relationship.

    “I’ve never thought about doing that,” said Brandy when she heard that Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston, is planning to author a book about her daughter’s life.

    “They had such a great relationship,” Brandy said in reference to Whitney and Cissy. “I will be glued to that book. They gonna have to pull me away.”

    Instead of writing about their time together, Brandy said she just wants to dedicate her life’s work to her “Cinderella” co-star.

    “Whitney was my life. All I think about is making her proud by making every moment in my life—that has something to do with my career and singing—about giving back and purpose. I want to honor her in that way,” she said.

    Brandy isn’t the only member of her family who was affected by Whitney’s passing. Her brother Ray J’s name continues to pop up in connection with her untimely death and questions linger about the nature of their relationship.

    “I know who Ray J is and I know the type of person that he is and I know the family that he comes from. So, some of the things that I hear [and read] about my brother is just completely false,” said Brandy, who encourages him to ignore the gossip.

    “To hear some of the things that people are saying about him, especially in relation to Whitney Houston, is unbelievable, and I’m so glad I know the truth about my brother, and he knows the truth. I always tell him as long as you know what it is, it doesn’t matter what people think,” she said.



    Get more from Brandy in the September 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


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    —Tracy L. Scott


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