Katherine Jackson found safe

    Katherine Jackson has been found after briefly being reported missing this weekend.

    Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department told reporters that officers have been in contact with Katherine, who said she is doing fine.

    Mother Jackson’s nephew, Trent, sounded the alarm by filing a missing persons report on Saturday night because her grandkids had not been able to reach her for about a week. Katherine’s granddaughter, Paris, took the notice viral by tweeting, “Yes, my grandmother is missing. I haven’t spoken to her in a week. I want her home now.”

    Katherine’s son Jermaine tweeted earlier last week that the Jackson matriarch was simply following doctor’s orders and resting up. He commented on the situation again on Saturday.

    "It dismays me that such an alarmist ‘missing person’ report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael’s children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told," Jermaine said in a statement. "No one is being ‘blocked’ from speaking with Mother. She is merely an 82-year-old woman following doctor’s orders to rest-up and de-stress, away from phones and computers."

    When authorities got in touch with Katherine, she told them she was staying with a family member in Arizona on a planned vacation. Katherine, who is reportedly staying with her daughter Rebbie Jackson, said she’s not sure why Trent would have filed a missing person’s report in the first place.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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