‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.24.12

    Joseline don’t care

    Stevie J had to lay down the law with Joseline, who was dressed up in some chiquita banana getup,  about why she better not ever threaten Mimi Faust again. Joseline wasn’t backing down, though, and she sent Stevie packing after asserting how she really feels about Mimi.

    There seems to be some dispute about how is really calling the shots between Joseline and Stevie. They both think they’re in charge, but what Joseline lacks is the experience. We may not agree with what Stevie does in his personal life, but he’s got an impressive track record as far as his studio credentials are concerned.

    If Joseline really wants to go as far as she can in the music business, it might be a good idea for her to stop messing with Stevie in the bedroom.  There’s a reason people are advised not to mix business and pleasure!

    We’d also like to point out that there is some confusion on the nature of their relationship. Stevie just says they sleep together sometimes, but Joseline thinks she’s his woman. Messy!

    K.Michelle vs. Karlie Redd: Round 2

    Karlie Redd invited K.Michelle to her photoshoot in order to clear the air following their table-shaking blowout last week.

    Although both of them met with the expectation of having a mature conversation, viewers know that wasn’t about to happen?

    Why? Image is everything and no one sees how being the bigger person imight require letting the other person hold onto their beliefs while you walk away with the truth. But who cares about the internal satisfaction of knowing deep down that you’re right when cameras are rolling?!


    Scrappy can’t get no love

    Even if they can’t see eye-to-eye on how to love and be loved, Erica and Lil Scrappy can agree on one thing: They’re relationship is not working.

    As he moved the last of his things from Erica’s home, we’re pretty sure that the two officially called it quits. That’s a good thing considering Scrappy’s not really sure how he messed things up the first time around, so Erica had to break things down for him by informing him that cheating will effectively kill most relationships.

    And in a move that gives us flashbacks of how he ruined Erica’s romantic surprise, Scrappy asked her if she’s still going to help him on child support.

    We think they were arguing the same point from two different points of view. They both want to make sure that Imani is taken care of, but Erica just wants Scrappy to fulfil his court ordered obligations. He’d rather provide for her in other ways on his terms…unfortunately most judges would disagree with that payment plan.

    Side note: Scrappy lost major points for being so flippant when Erica asked him why she was still waiting on child support money from the previous week.

    Feast of love

    Finally after all the fighting, there was at least a little love in "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" this week as Karlie had her first date with Benzino.

    It may not have been the typical first date plan, but it seemed to do the trick for Karlie!



    Management and marriage don’t always mix

    If we’ve said it once, we’ve said a hundred times: Communication is key!

    Rasheeda has come to realization that sometimes a man can’t be everything to you. The rapper loves her hubby Kirk Frost, who works really hard for her, but she’s not sure that he can handle her entire career.

    Deb Atney (you know, Waka Flocka Flame’s mama), suggested that perhaps Kirk might be the reason that Rasheeda hasn’t gotten to the level she feels she should be on at this point in her career.

    While she turns that idea over in her head, she hasn’t said a word to her hubby about it. That led to a very awkward conversation. How exactly do fire your man and keep a happy home?!


    Joseline plays the victim

    Joseline called Mimi up for another conversation about where things really stand between them and Stevie—and why she felt justified in sending threatening texts.

    In Joseline’s opinion, she has every right to say whatever she wants to Mimi because she thinks Mimi is always talking about her and interrupting her time with Stevie.

    But Mimi had to keep it real with the aspiring performer by pointing out that Stevie’s picking up the phone every time she calls, which is not as often as Joseline would like to think. Of course when a woman wants a man all to herself, anything more than a single call or text is automatically counted as "blowing up his phone."

    Even though she can sympathize with Mimi, we don’t think that Joseline has any real right to play the victim in this situation. No matter what Stevie tells her or how much time he spends with her (or what they do during that time), the fact remains that he still goes home to Mimi and claims her as his woman (at least at this point).  Joseline knew about that relationship the whole time and kept messing with Stevie.

    You can’t say a man is playing you if you know his situation from jump and proceed anyway. But, hey, when you think you’re in love, you’re willing to believe anything.





    —Sonya Eskridge

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